Naughty Office

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Lily Love is an executive at a company that sells erectile dysfunction pills. Her top employee confesses that he tried the pill and it didn’t work on him. Lily thinks that the problem isn’t the pill, the problem lies in her employee’s lover. Lily proves her theory when she’s able to get him hard and take his jizz all over her face.

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Lots Of Love

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In nothing but some sexy see-through lingerie, Lily Love gives us a little sneak peek at what’s to come. This beauty has a gorgeous face, big blue eyes and a perfect body. She entices us with some sultry flirtatious teasing until her man Erik comes into the scene to fulfill her needs. They start making out, and Erik strips her down. He sucks on Lily’s big juicy tits, as he pulls off her panties. Then he eats her pussy until Lily has an amazing orgasm right on screen. Lily returns the favor and gives him a long and slow blowjob until he is rock hard and ready. Then she climbs on top, and Erik strokes that pussy, as he rubs her clit and she cums, her big gorgeous juggs bounce all around. After that, he turns Lily around to reveal her luscious ass and gives her the dick deep in doggy-style. Erik finally gets his turn to cum and does so all over Lily’s pretty face.

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My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

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Lily Love, known for her witchy attitude, is being nice to her boyfriend’s son Billy, which can only mean one thing: she wants something. He tries to shoo her away, but she won’t relent; rather she goes on and on about how his signature is very similar to his dad’s signature, especially since they have the same name, and that she wants to see his John Hancock. Bill signs it to get her out of there, but realizes he actually signed a contract that gets her $100K from his dad. Lily’s so thankful though that she gives Billy a gift: her nice natural tits and big ass, all for her tongue! She sucks Billy’s dick and fucks him as a thank-you!

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My Sisters Hot Friend

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Danny’s looking for his sister, but her roommate Lily Love tells him that she ran down to the corner store. Danny decides it’s the perfect time to strike up conversation with his sister’s sexy friend, and talk to her about the CPR class she’s taking. He even tells her that she can practice on him. Awkward. Or not… because Lily puts her lips not just on Danny, but on his big dick too!

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Welcome to Lily Love’s blog

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Welcome to this free blog devoted to delightful Lily Love!

This is not the Official Lily Love website, you could say this is a Fan Site. I update this blog as often as I can with new free Lily Love pictures, videos and tubes. Whenever I have news about Lily Love, you will read it here! Don’t hesitate to add nice comments about our favorite adult star 😉 Thank you!

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